A wonderful event for people of all ages!

Magical is family-friendly!

Magical is organised by a bunch of great friends who grew up in the 90’s dance scene. Now we’re all grown up, semi-sensible with many friends who who have kids. We’ve created Magical as a place for adults to come and enjoy uplifting music, dance and be inspired in a safe environment – which means they can bring kids along too.

Daytime partying and early snoozin’ is the way forward! That being said, the woodland disco goes on until 2am so parents can take it in turns with the early snoozin’! There will be a balance of adults without children at the festival and families too.

As well as the entertainment for adults (which kids are welcome to), we have lots of things for children too. We want to inspire the little nippers to be social, creative and dream big from an early age! Here’s what we have for the little peeps at Magical:

  • Kids dome with inspirational activities, arts & crafts, and fun times – primarily targeted at kids aged up to 12.
  • Big Fish Little Fish (the ultimate family rave!)
  • Treasure hunt
  • Soft play area for the very little ones
  • Bouncy castle
  • Outdoor games
  • Wide open space for kids to run around
  • A few surprises along the way
  • Kids are welcome at all music stages (bring ear defenders!)

Magical has a designated family camping area, at the furthest point away from the late-night music (on until 2am). While we make every effort to make this as quiet as poss after 11pm, please note the festival site is small and some music will be audible.

Kids need to be tucked up in the camping areas by 11pm and not out partying in the bars after this time. With all the daytime dancin’ they’ll be knackered by then anyway!  x

Magical is family-friendly!