The essence of Magical 2018

We all have pressures in every-day life, preventing us from truly being ourselves; keeping up careers that don’t align with our passions and depicting ourselves in the best light on social media being just a few. Without realising it, we can lose ourselves in trying to be who we think we should be, rather than just being our true selves and doing what makes us happy. This can lead to a lack of self-belief, dented confidence and stifled creativity.

At Magical, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to remind everyone that we are all amazing, in our own unique ways, and capable of so many incredible things. With self-confidence, positivity and a little imagination, absolutely anything is possible!

So, the theme for Magical 2018 is, quite simply…

You are AMAZING!

All activities, workshops and talks will be centered around this theme with the aim to address:

  • self-belief & self-confidence
  • boosting creativity
  • embracing your uniqueness
  • discovering what you are amazing at
  • feeling amazing (both physically and mentally)
  • having gratitude for your strengths and weaknesses
  • a whole lot of Magical amazingness!

At Magical, join us in wearing whatever makes YOU feel the most AMAZING, especially in the Magical colours (pink, purple and blue). Whether that means head-to-toe sparkle, bright colours that you simply cannot wear in the office, or an amazing fancy dress outfit that looks ridiculous and gets lots of attention – anything goes. Check out the photos below for outfit inspiration. Remember, it’s all about the pink, purple and blue!

Theme - Magical