The essence of Magical 2019

Here at Magical HQ we’ve been through some changes. This year we’ve become a Community Interest Company which means we only exist on a non-profit basis and only to enhance our lovely community. To us, community means EVERTHING and we wouldn’t be here without it. Take our team of amazing volunteers for example. They help create the right setting for us to join forces, exchange ideas, move our bodies and open our hearts and minds.

We know that relationships make us happier and when we work together we are stronger. Our aim is to provide the perfect playground to do this. Whether it’s a free hug, some friendly advice or donating your favourite fancy dress, we want you to remember that we ALL have something to give, and the responsibility to create a truly MAGICAL community belongs to all of us.

This is why the theme we’ve chosen for MAGICAL 2019 is…..


Here’s a few ideas from us to help get you started:

  • Dust off that robot and show us your best moves in the Magical Morning Rave
  • Got a skill you’re prepared to teach? Share it in our Skill Swap
  • Get warm and fuzzy by giving a random act of kindness
  • Get involved with our crew on the early morning Litter Picking Party

Our Parade Theme for MAGICAL 2019 is….


Interpret as you will but whether you’re from a galaxy far, far away or swinging in as an acrobat from outer space. Be prepared to do it to your fullest and furnish our festival as the most MAGICAL you.

Theme - Magical