Prior preparation prevents poor packing performance!


  • An OPEN MIND – essential
  • FANCY DRESS – especially in Magical colours (pink, purple or blue) for Saturday. More is more! Also an outfit for the Parade on Sunday (theme TBC).
  • SWIMSUIT – for the Slip n Slide!
  • WATER BOTTLE – reusable, to fill up from water points around the site… let’s save on plastic!
  • COFEE CUP/MUG – for hot drinks!
  • RAIN MAC and WARM JUMPER – it can get cold at night!
  • WELLIES – just incase!
  • TENT, sleeping bag, blow up mattress, pillow – or book one of our beautiful bell tents here to save on faff
  • TOILETRIES – and medication if required
  • CLOTHING – and spare clothing, because mud happens
  • YOGA MAT – we have 25 of these, but if you bring your own you’re very likely to get a spot in all yoga classes
  • GLITTER – biodegradable, and don’t worry if you have none… we’ll hook you up!
  • DEBIT CARDS and cash!
  • A LITTLE SOMETHING – to contribute to your fellow festival goers. We’re not thinking of anything big in monetary value – examples could be an anonymous love or gratitude letter, free hugs, poem, scroll with a life hack/tip… get creative!
  • ART – if you have any creative pieces you’d like to display and contribute to the festival please do contact us! We’d love to hear from you.


Our Magical bars sell booze, soft and hot drinks. You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol when you first enter the site, but don’t bring too much. Just exactly the right amount. Too much and the powers that be will think you’re trying to sell it or get blind drunk or something. The maximum amount of alcohol per person (in non-glass containers) permitted upon first entry to the festival is:

  • 5.5 litres (12 cans) of cider OR beer OR similar strength drink; OR 1.5 litres of wine.

No alcohol can be brought onto to the site upon re-entry to the festival. Police rules, innit.


  • SOUND SYSTEMS – we have those
  • BBQs or FIRES – they aren’t allowed this year.
  • DRUGS – they’re illegal. We have a zero tolerance drugs policy.
  • WEAPONS (!) – also illegal plus this is a peaceful festival
  • LASERS – eyes hate them
  • FLARES – retro trousers are too dangerous
  • SIGNAL FLARES – also too dangerous
  • SPIRITS – alcoholic or otherwise
  • GLASS – bottles, containers etc. Glasses on your face are fine.
  • ANIMALS – we wish we could have our dog chums at the festival, but the powers that be say it’s too risky. Registered guide dogs are ok though.
  • For the FULL LIST of things not to bring, do read our T&Cs
What to bring to Magical festival