Before you contact us with a query, please read through the common questions people ask us. We are a very small team and the less time spent dealing with queries, the more time we have to make the festival Magical!

Latest News

How can I receive all the latest Magical news?

Accommodation / Camping

Can I stay in a local hotel?

What are the on-site accommodation options?

Can I bring a campervan with me and do I need a special campervan ticket?

Yes and yes! Campervan tickets will be available to book soon at only £30.

Can I take my car into the general camping field?

No. All cars must be parked in the car park, which is located only a very short walk from the general camping field. If camping next to your car is important to you, there is the option to book yourself a campervan pitch.

Can campervans and tents park together?

Any additional tents must fit within the boundaries of the purchased campervan pitch. It is also possible to book a campervan pitch to use for a tent only, which would also allow you to park your car next to your tent (within the boundaries of your allotted pitch space).

Can I bring a gazebo?

Yes! We do ask to please limit this to 1 gazebo per camping group / family.

When does the site open and close?

The site opens at 12 noon on Friday and closes at 2pm on Monday afternoon. Food and drink vendors will close after breakfast on Monday morning.

Can I go back to the car park to get more stuff after I have entered?

Yes. Your wristband will be checked on re-entry to the site.

Can I drive off-site during the festival?

Yes. Please be mindful of local residents when leaving the site and also bear in mind that you may not be able to park in the same spot when you return.

Activities & Entertainment

I have an activity I’d like to run. Is this possible?

Who’s on the lineup?

Can we make a campfire?

No, campfires and BBQs are not permitted, due to the damage they can cause to the ground. There will, however, be a firepit - great for warming cold fingers in the late-night chill.


Will there be electricity on-site?

The site has electricity to power the stages, lights, food vendors etc, but there will be no provision for plugging in your mobile phones or other electric devices. The Magical Team recommend ditching your phone and going completely off-grid for 72 hours. What could be a better excuse for some technology downtime, than having festival fun all weekend? However, if you do wish to stay connected to the outside world, make sure you bring sufficient battery packs to keep your phone topped up. To squeeze as much juice as you can from your phone’s battery life, try turning your phone to ‘Low Power’ mode.

Will I have to give up washing for 3 days?

We will have great quality loos and showers available for use throughout the weekend, but if you want to ‘go Glasto’ and spend less time washing and more time dancing, that’s entirely up to you!

Food & Drink

What food will be available at the festival?

Can I bring my own food?

I’m veggie/vegan - will I have any eating options?

Can I bring my own drinks?

Yes. The maximum amount of alcohol each ticketholder over the age of 18 can bring into the festival is: (a) 5.5cl (12 cans) of cider OR beer OR similar strength alcohol; OR (b) 1.5l of wine. Please note that this alcohol can be consumed in the campsite area only, and only alcohol purchased from the Magical bars is permitted within the festival arena.

Can I BBQ?


Can I pay for food & drinks with my bank card?

The Magical bar does accept card payment, and this is encouraged so you don't need to carry so much cash around with you. However, cash will be needed to make purchases from most food vendors.


Will my festival ticket be mailed out in advance?

Can I get a refund for my ticket if I can’t make it?

All tickets (and other rewards and products) are non-refundable, including tickets purchased on the website or via the crowdfunding campaign.


Where is the festival held?

Magical is held in a beautiful location in Sussex. Details coming soon!

How do I get to and from the festival?

Travel details coming soon!

What’s the nearest train station to the festival?

Details of the nearest train station coming soon!


Can I get a free ticket if I volunteer at the festival?

Are there any volunteering roles available?

What to Bring

What shall I bring to the festival?

Do I really need to bring wellies?

Yes. If it rains and you do not have your wellies (or good quality, waterproof walking shoes), you will get very soggy feet and feel miserable! If you do have your wonderful wellies, your toes will be toasty, your legs will be dancing, your heart will be light and your face will have a beaming smile as you strut-your-stuff at the main stage. In your face, rain!

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not invited to the party unless they are official assistance dogs. Please find a friendly buddy or neighbour to pamper your pooch while you’re away. We do get this question often and are currently considering a CanineFaceTime tent, so you can stay in touch with your dogs from the festival!

What shall I wear to such an amazing festival?

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