The Festival

Welcome to Magical. Held in Sussex and across 3 days, our luscious lakeside backdrop takes you away from the hustle, bustle and trappings of everyday life. Magical is a gathering of up to 1,000 likeminded souls ready to connect with themselves, some new friends and who knows, maybe even learn some new skills along the way.

Our community of helpers transform the site into our own Magical playground. Along with tons of new and interesting people, delicious food and drinks, we also bring maximum Magical vibes but with minimum waste. We love our planet dearly and work hard to be as economical and sustainable as possible.

Our aim is for you to connect with nature, your true selves and others while you enjoy our diverse programme of activities. There are plenty of opportunities for you to participate and get involved! Festi dress up is hugely encouraged and we already can’t wait to see you looking your finest at our infamous Festival parade!

Come and enjoy music, art and wellness, with our diverse and eclectic mix of live DJ’s, bands and musicians providing the perfect soundtrack. Our Festival is for everyone and as a result you can expect a glorious mix of individuals, of all ages, all ready to bring their own magic.

Join us at Magical and leave the You-ist YOU!

The Festival - Magical