Our story

What Magical is all about!

``If Magical was a person they would probably be the love child of Fatboy Slim & the Dalai Lama``
Zoe Nattress - Magical Festival, Co-founder

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The festival

A community of people connected through a desire to improve themselves and the world around them!

Magical is a 3-day micro, music, arts and wellness festival. As well as having fantastic musicians and DJs to make you dance like there’s no tomorrow our aim is for 1,000 people to express and find themselves through a unique and diverse programme of activities.

Held in a lakeside field of dreams in Sussex, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get ready to meet amazing people, express yourself freely, party and come away with food for thought.

Expect a wonderful crowd of people of all ages, festi dress-up, a programme of uplifting multi-genre music; a mix of live acts and DJs (many of which you may not have heard of, but we can assure you will LOVE!) and opportunities to participate and get involved! (Including the infamous Magical parade!).

Plus, the site itself is pretty special. Everything is organised to maximise the Magical vibe and minimise waste. From our beautiful festival playground to the delicious food & drink vendors – and most importantly, tons of like-minded people.

You will leave the youiest you!

Our story

We’re team Magical – a group of great friends who started the festival as a private party in 2016 (a double festival wedding!) which had the intention of inspiring guests to be the best versions of themselves. The feedback was so outstanding that we felt we had to do it again and open it up to the public. We’ve since grown organically with the Magical launch in 2017 and the first festival open to the public in 2018. We now have a group of 20 people in the core organising crew and we hope that will keep growing!

Most of us grew up in the 90’s dance clubbing scene and are now all grown up and semi-sensible. Together we have a passion for uplifting music and dancing and curate all of our stages with multi-genre music that we LOVE. Our programme of activities and workshops are centred around our desire to improve ourselves and the world around us.

We operate as a Community Interest Company. This means, Magical officially exists solely to benefit the community on a not for profit basis. It’s run entirely by unpaid volunteers, who produce the festival because we LOVE it! As well as the festival, we run regular monthly beneficial events which are free for people to attend e.g workshops centred around self-development, well-being and being our best selves. You can read more about our Community Interest Company status here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for whatever reason, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here


“Lovely people everywhere. One of the nicest sets of crowd and staff I've ever encountered”
Louisa - festival attendee

Our story - Magical