Plan your trip to the field of dreams!


The postcode for the entrance to the festival is RH17 5HP. Stick THAT in your satnav and follow it! The public entrance to the site (including taxi drop-offs) is just off Hanlye Lane.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is NO public entrance to the festival from Borde Hill Lane (which is the usual entrance to Borde Hill Gardens and Parkland).


It’s free! Parking is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from all camping areas (one of the bonus’ of being a micro festival and great news for your weary party-legs!).


Traveling by car? Here at Magical we recommend sharing, because sharing is caring. Sharing cars helps the environment, so why not try some of that? Ask your friends if they’re traveling up by car, check on the Magical 2019 FB Event, or sites like Liftshare and BlaBlaCar for Magical travel companions, or life-long adventure buddies (that part is up to you).


Same as the car, but you MUST let us know in advance that you’re bringing one as there’s limited space for such travel-behemoths. A limited number of campervan pitches are available to buy for £45.


Haywards Heath is the nearest train station to the Magical site (super close at 1.4 miles, 5 min drive), serving trains from London and the South. While trains are frequent, it is NOT SAFE to walk from the station to the site. There are no pavements and cars drive dead fast like. So maybe order a taxi at the station.


Considering it’s totes the most sustainable form of transport to the festival, we’ll give a special prize to those travelling to the festival by bike! Just contact us to let us know you’re cycling. We’ll reserve a space for your bike in a safe place.

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