Introduction to Digital DJ'ing

Superstar DJ’s In The Making!

Zoe Hart is a female DJ and entertainer for children of all ages. Since 1999 she has travelled the world as a successful singer, producer and DJ, releasing tracks under the pseudonym of The *Ting* that have sold in their thousands. After having kids she retrained as a children’s yoga teacher and face painter and teaches Piano, Vocals, Vinyl and Digital DJing.

The workshop aims to generate a passion for doing something on tech which is creative and exciting. This is done by demonstrating the ease of use of the app, and just how inspiring and enlivening the power of music is! Zoe uses fun exercises to teach the basics of beat matching, Synching, Tempo and Pitch. It is suggested but not essential to bring a phone or tablet which has the FREE DJAY APP downloaded onto it and headphones.

Introduction to Digital DJ'ing - Magical