Swing & Bass Takeover: Fizzy Gillespie and Dan de'Lion

Modern Bass Mash-up!

Swing & Bass is a night like no other; taking the sounds of the 1920’s to 60’s and remixing them with a modern mashup twist. Step inside and see where Bowler Hats meet Bass and Lindy Hop meets Booty Pop!

“Fizzy Gillespie is a DJ & Producer best known for his mashup style, seamlessy sampling the sounds of musical eras from the past and crossing them over with modern beats and bass. 2018 was a great year for Fizzy, performing at 14 festivals and doing over 53 gigs across the UK and Europe; with plenty lined up for 2019 already.

Harvested from some dutty festival field one rainy Monday morning, Dan de’Lion roars a smorgasbord of Wubs, Whipples and Wonky Donks; from DNB to Garage, Jungle to Swing, Electro-Swing to Ghettofunk, frinkin Hip Hop to Tropical, and just about anything else in-between. Best known for his love of a remix, this cat’s sets are chocked full of singalong anthems flippantly double dropped over rudeboi B-lines for that extra bit of dance-floor trigger-finger.

Swing & Bass Takeover: Fizzy Gillespie and Dan de'Lion - Magical