Dan de L'ion

Dutty Whipples and Wonky Donks!


Harvested from some dutty festival field one rainy Monday morning, Dan de’Lion roars a smorgasbord of Wubs, Whipples and Wonky Donks; from DNB to Garage, Jungle to Swing, Electro-Swing to Ghettofunk, frinkin Hip Hop to Tropical, and just about anything else in-between. Best known for his love of a remix, this cat’s sets are chocked full of singalong anthems flippantly double dropped over rudeboi B-lines for that extra bit of dance-floor trigger-finger.

Co-runner of London club nights, Swing & Bass, Purple, and Wonderland, he’s purred alongside the likes of: Sub Zero, Potential Badboy, Boston, Jinx in Dub, The Correspondents, WBBL, Proleter, Phibes, Jimi Needles, A. Skillz, Featurecast, Dutty Moonshine Big Band, My Bad Sister, Jenova Collective, Hiphoppapotamus, Captain Flatcap, Mista Trick and tons of other great talents. As well as playing festivals such as Boomtown, Leefest, Neverworld, Under the Hill and The Wonderland Garden Party.

Dan de L'ion - Magical