Chelsea Blues

A melting pot of joy!

Chelsea Blues, A jazz/ Neo-Soul singer/Songwriter artist, from the Bahamas living in London. Her repertoire of musical talents also involves : Freestyles, Acoustic and Covers, and Spoken Word. Imagine a melting pool of colours and warm sentimentals that guide you through a paradise of your own world. A galaxy within you, that many only glimpse as versions of themselves in time.

Chelsea Blues with her jazzy vocal strides on lofi-soul compositions which pour out love and joy with every beat and tap of foot. When you experience her message of “love self to love others” through her blend of new school energy and old school dynamics – it’s the combination that can’t be missed!…Imagine the love child of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse & Ella Fitzgerald: and you’d get Ms Blues.

Chelsea Blues - Magical