Magical 2018 is 100% cashless!! **Important info below**

As you may or may not know, there will be NO CASH ACCEPTED at Magical this year. We’re doing this to reduce queues and improve security both for festival-goers and us. All payments will be made using secure cashless event technology. When you get to the event, you’ll be given a special wristband that you can top-up with credit to spend at the various vendors & attractions.


  1. You’ll receive a special Magical 2018 wristband when you arrive at the festival, containing a digital chip.
  2. When you are all settled into the festival, head over to the INFO TENT and we will activate your wristband.
  3. Use any debit or credit card to load money onto your wristband. For example, we charge your debit card £60, and then add £60 to your wristband.
  4. You’ll then have £60 on your wristband to spend on food, drinks, massage, hot tub sessions & other lovely things!
  5. You can top-up extra funds onto your wristband at the INFO TENT at any time during the festival.


Any money you add to your wristband is 100% yours, and you are fully entitled to a refund if you don’t spend it during the event. Here’s the process:

  1. Before you leave the festival, it’s ESSENTIAL that you “tap-out” your wristband at the INFO TENT, so we know how much is left on your wristband before you leave the festival site.
  2. Head to the cashless refund page within 7 days of the event finishing (i.e. by 2pm on Monday 27 August).
  3. Fill in your details in the very short form.
  4. We’ll get 100% of the remaining funds back to you by 31 August with no processing fees, of course!


Can I top-up my wristband with cash at the event?

You can top-up your wristband with any debit or credit card at the event. The reason we’ve gone cashless is to minimise the amount of cash onsite, for us and also for festival-goers, making it safer for everyone.

Do I need to top up my wristband before I arrive?

No, it’s not possible to top up before the festival. Simply head over to the INFO TENT whenever you are ready, to get you set up.

How much should I top up?

It’s completely up to you! Maybe start with £60 and see how you get on. Remember, you can get a refund for unused credit if you don’t spend it.

Can I check the wristband balance during the event?

Any vendor can zap your wristband (even if you don’t make a purchase), and can instantly tell you how much you have on your wristband.

What if I queue for a drink, then realise that I don’t have enough funds on my wristband to pay for it?

You’ll have to pop to the INFO TENT for a swift top-up, and then go back to the vendor to complete the purchase. We recommend checking with the vendor after each purchase, so you know how much is remaining on your wristband.

Will my child / teenager get a cashless wristband?

That’s completely up to you, as the responsible guardian of the child or teenager under 18 years of age. You can decide when you first arrive at the festival whether your child/teenager gets a cashless wristband. You can load it up with funds for them at the INFO TENT to spend on ice creams galore!!

What if I lose my wristband?

Because the funds are actually stored on the wristband chip, make sure you don’t lose them! In practice, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll lose your wristbands, as they are made of fabric with strong fasteners.

Will I receive a refund for any credit left on my wristband after the festival?

Absolutely! All you have to do is “tap-out” your wristband at the INFO TENT when you leave the event site, and request a refund via the Magical website within 7 days. We’ll then refund all the credit that is left on your wristband back to you by 31 Aug.

This cashless system is a bit high-tech, isn’t it?!

We know, right! As well as improving safety and security, we also anticipate a reduction of handbag dancing!


Nutickets are a leading provider of event technology based in Manchester, providing safe and secure ways for festival-goers to pay for items at events across the country.

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Magical 2018 is cashless!