The lucid dreaming sleepover for grown-ups!

We invite you to our unique Magical Lucid Sleepover where you spend a night of nourishment, entertainment and lucid dreams. Feeling cosy in your PJs and in your bed, you will be taken into a world of possibilities and energy where dreams can be as real as our daily reality.

Gammadian will tell a bedtime story, the first half of it at this stage, to put you in this special mood of feeling ready for bed and for dreaming. You have the option to take herbal supplements and Ena’s essential oil blend that enhance your dream recall and the possibility of having a lucid dream.

Finally, Gammadian will take you on a dream journey in a real energetic world with his guided dreaming meditation and Pippa’s enchanted lullaby songs will take you into the world of dreams. After a night of sleep and dreams, you will be awakened softly by a gong bath. Dream sharing and the end of the bedtime story to follow, before breakfast.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this festival first: the Magical Lucid Sleepover!

** BRING: blow-up mattress or campbed, duvet or sleeping bag, PJs and an open mind!
** TIMING: starts Saturday midnight and finishes Sunday 8am.


Please note: adults only – soz, kids!

Magical Lucid Sleepover - Magical