Nina started life as a curious, inquisitive creative, never far away from a paint brush or colouring book. She was deeply intrigued by people and their minds as she created fun personality games aged just 9 years old.

10 years later her life was headed towards a career in the fashion industry as she started her Fashion Marketing degree at Northumbria university. After a few years climbing the career ladder in the 9-5 office routine something didn’t quite sit right inside, and off she went on an adventure of deep discovery to change her life forever.

Join her for a tale of self-discovery to find not only herself (the cliché) but surrendering to her curiosity and intuition to guide her along a purposeful path, facing her deepest fears and breaking through the layers of barriers and blocks that hold us back.

This year Nina launched a movement and community called – for the curious minds, the deep thinkers, the creators, the change makers and soulful path shapers. It is a hub for self-discovery, authenticity and self-development.

Along with two workshops, Nina will be offering private one-to-one life coaching sessions throughout the weekend.

Follow your Curiosity - Magical